Coaching is, “Partnering with Clients in thought provoking and creative ways in order to inspire them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.


Imagine a strong sturdy tree.  Know that this tree is also an image of endurance, through all the elements, as are we all. Our survival is based on endurances through all our life experiences. A trees top growth and foliage tends to mirror its roots below the ground. We too have a wealth of data stored in our unconscious minds. There is more to everyone than meets the eye, and that’s what coaching does, it facilitates you with processes, without any introduction of concepts, skills or knowledge.




What Harrina provides;


•  Expertise and a well grounded and related Commercial industry knowledge.


•  Flexible/ Tailored coaching that must tie into the Coachees individual preferences.


•  Mentoring Services that will drive the Mentee to the next level.


•  Facilitating the Coachee to achieve their agreed goals/ outcomes..


Types of Coaching provided;


Executive, Leadership Development Coaching

Business Coaching

Conflict Resolution Facilitation

Performance Management

Career development

Transition Management


*This is not an exhaustive list


Tree of Life

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